Blog – Sexpo 2013!

Hey gals and ghouls!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended Sexpo – a health and lifestyle exhibition – at the Melbourne Convention Centre. If you’re interested in anything to do with sex or an “alternative lifestyle” then Sexpo will definitely cater to your needs.

The primary reason I decided to attend Sexpo this year was because porn star James Deen was going to be there. Yes, I may have a teeny tiny crush on him… Here’s the thing about James Deen though, asides from being rather cute and very funny (have you read his tweets or his blog? This guy has a great sense of humor and is a total geek!), he genuinely loves what he does.

James Deen 2

Now, I hear you saying, “What male porn star *doesn’t* like his job?” and this may very well be true, but the way James interacts with his co-stars is what differentiates him from his male colleagues and is a big part of the reason as to why he is so popular.

James was one of the four guest porn stars at the expo, along with Stoya (also his real life girlfriend), Angela White and Phoenix Marie. For twenty dollars you could have your photo taken with one pornstar ($40 for two pornstars) and they’d also sign a promo shot of themselves and have a chat to you.  There was also the option to have the pornstars topless (for an extra fee) in your photo.

After much humming and haa-ing, I decided to get a photo with both James and Stoya. I convinced my bestie to come have the photo with me (I was fangirling and nervous, what can I say?!). James and Stoya were both so lovely. We hugged them both and had a quick chat about sightseeing, previous trips to Australia (Stoya had been before, it was James’ first time), Hanukah (James is Jewish), how James is a little crazy, and the expo itself. Stoya asked me about my hair (I had my rainbow extensions in lol).

We took the photo and then James and Stoya signed these:

James Deen Signature Stoya Signature

I hate to be the person that gushes about how cute a couple are together, but they really are so cute with each other! >_< I had read previously some fan accounts where James apparently had been rude to people, but he was nothing like that with my fan experience.

After our signings, we checked out what was happening on stage – there was a male and female striptease, followed by Puppetry of the Penis. That made me laugh… and at times squirm. I don’t know, overly flexible flaccid penises freak me out – that’s what I learned at Sexpo. Thank Puppetry of the Penis guys…

I was super excited to see Pricasso in action at Sexpo! For those of you who don’t know, Pricasso is an artist who paints caricature portraits using only his penis and occasionally his buttocks. Sounds quirky? Yes. BUT, Pricasso really is quite the talented artist AND his portaits are phenomenal!

Pricasso 2 Pricasso 3 Pricasso
I also picked up some glitter makeup and glitter base from LA Splash and a full head of blue 14 inch hair extensions and false eyelashes from Xtravagant Style.


My Sexpo adventure this year was lots of fun, so if you live in Australia, and you don’t mind a bit of kink, go experience it for yourself!

Here are some links for those of you interested in checking out what I’ve mentioned in my blog today:


James Deen

James Deen Twitter


Pricasso Twitter

Pricasso Facebook

Stoya Twitter

Stoya Facebook

LA Splash Australia Stockist

Puppetry of the Penis

Until next time…


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